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My Favourite Wine Toys – Must Have Wine Gadgets

By The Corkscrew Concierge 

Avina Wine Tools has created a champagne stopper that not only lets you reseal your bubbly and preserve those precious bubbles, but also allows you to store your opened bottle on its side. I tested it out with an inexpensive Prosecco and boy was I amazed. The pressure in the bottle was just as it was the day before. Who knew?! What’s more, Avina will completely back up its promise. If your stopper doesn’t perform as promised at any time, they’ll replace it for you. Now what bubbly to open on #WineWednesday…

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Let Me Introduce You to My Little Wine Friend

By Draceana Wines

I picked up the Barracuda and the first thing I noticed was how solid the product was. I was immediately impressed. I could feel the quality in my hand right away. There was not a flimsy part on the entire tool.

Although my bottle opener of choice is a waiter’s knife, one thing I don’t like about them is the foil knife. I have never had one that had a proper angle on it or sharp enoug

h teeth to make a cut in one turn around the bottle. It usually takes a couple of turns and then I still have to find the one spot that has the deeper cut that I can start picking at. BUT when I opened the knife on the Barracuda, I instantly noticed the curve and teeth. I picked up my first bottle and positioned the knife on the neck of the bottle. The curve of the knife cozied up to the bottle and with very little pressure, I turned my bottle and viola! the foil was sliced. It was easy to pick the cap with the tip of the knife and the foil was gone!  Score one for the Avina Barracuda!

 Now for the big test. Could the opener actually OPEN a bottle? I closed the knife and opened the worm.  Again the quality craftsmanship jumped out at me. It was tightly put together and fit nicely in my hand. One smooth pull and the cork came out like a gem. I moved on to my second bottle with the same results. As the night progressed, not once, did that back up opener enter my thoughts. The Barracuda held up strong and made it through the night like a champ. I have found my new favorite opener!

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By The Armchair Sommelier

The Avina Falcon opener is crafted from stainless steel and ebony.  It’s sleek, visually attractive, and has some weight to it, which is nice.  The components (including a half-inch fulcrum, which is a word I don’t find occasion to use very often) feel solid, and it works like a charm.  The cork came out of my bottle with ease.

The Avina wine stopper is attractive and easy to use (no pumping).  And the seal is air-tight.  You can store the bottle on its side and it won’t leak Chardonnay all over the produce in your refrigerator.  Look mom, no leaks!

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Wine stoppers by @Avina

By Paz

The product is inexpensive, saving lots and lots of your money. Why throw away your wine?

These wine stoppers really work preserving well every single drop of our wines. We have opened the bottles we used the stoppers on today and the wine was kept as new.

I have tested in different sized and shaped bottles and I didn’t find any problems. I have tried even on my handmade vinegar bottles, and I was impressed.

It is very easy and simple to use. Even the crumbiest person won’t find any difficulties.

The design is modern and, in the fridge on your shelf, your bottles will look classy.

With no doubt, the product now is part of my essentials list.

If you like a good wine, I recommend!

Well done, Avina Team! It is a five stars from me.

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Product Review: Avina Wine Tools Swan Corkscrew 

By Briscoe Bites

The Avina Swan…it’s good. And not just cute to match your spring-time decor good. I mean, this was the smoothest butterfly corkscrew I’ve ever used. I didn’t feel like I was fighting with the cork, trying to decide which way to twist — the screw just kind of melted in. Butterfly wings up (although to me they always look more like arms), push them back down, and the whole cork came out in one go — another, sort of, anomaly in my book. I actually said to my partner in wine crime, “Wow, that’s the smoothest corkscrew I’ve used in awhile.”

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Form and Function: Avina Wine Accessories

By Appetite for Wine

The first thing I noticed when opening the shipping box was the attractive, high quality packaging. Glossy, color images on the lid evoke a sense of luxurious extravagance waiting within. The lid is snug, and once removed, the corkscrew and bottle stopper were securely held in place by a form-fitting foam insert. Very impressive!

The next thing to grab my attention was the modern and fun design of the corkscrews. Both are very attractive and aesthetically appealing. The Swan Easy Grip Wing Corkscrew is a satin blue color (also available in pink) with a full cylinder body; so much more attractive than the stark, stainless steel models I’ve seen before. Then I opened the box for the waiters corkscrew. Can a corkscrew be sexy? I say, yes! The Rhino Easy Wine Waiters Corkscrew is a beaut! Sleek design with incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail; the form, fit, and finish is a sight to behold! And to back the design with the quality, all Avina Wine Accessories products come with their “You Break It, We Replace It” lifetime guarantee.

So how do they perform? I decided to try the Swan Easy Grip Wing Corkscrew ($24.99 retail) first. As I mentioned, this was my first time actually using a wing-style corkscrew to remove a cork. It took an astute observation by my dinner guest that one really shouldn’t hold the wings when inserting the cork. (Translation: “You’re doing it wrong!”) Once properly positioned in my hand, the worm smoothly entered the cork, and with a gentle pressure on the wings, the cork started to emerge, finishing with a satisfying “pop!” This corkscrew performed great! It is smooth and easy to use, and fun, too! As with most wing-style corkscrews, the top doubles as a bottle opener, too, for those occasions when you want a cold beer. And when you’re not using it to open bottles, you can use it as a jet plane!

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Winning! Part One: Avina Wine Tools

By The Swirling Dervish

Yes, this corkscrew lives up to all the hype. Its design addresses all the failings of typical wine openers and solves them. But did I mention how pretty it is? The dark ebony wood and the polished stainless steel give this tool a very high-end look. It would be right at home in a fancy cellar, sitting next to a stash of Chateau Petrus. Yet it costs only $26.99, a price that includes one of Avina’s new bottle stoppers. What a great gift for the wine lovers on your list! I put the bottle stopper to the test, as well. It passed with flying colors, as you can see in the video:

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