Don’t throw away that leftover wine!

Don’t throw away that leftover wine!

What leftover wine you say? We spotted that Laithwaites carried out a survey and revealed that Brits waste around 624 million bottles of wine each year with some households pouring two glasses of wine down the sink each week!

Why is this happening?? Well, some of it is down to confusion over how long you can actually keep wine once it’s open, with some wine drinkers thinking it goes off overnight. Some evenings you might uncork a bottle after a particularly busy day at work, or you might host a party with leftover wine at the end of the night, but if you don’t manage to finish it, how long can you keep it and how long will it stay fresh for?

Laithwaites reckons most wines will stay fresh for three to five days while others will last longer, but the wine’s flavour may develop over time following contact with oxygen. This helpful infographic is a handy way of working out how long you can keep a bottle once opened, depending on the wine it should last between 1 and 7 days, with fortified wine such as sherry and port lasting up to 28 days as long as stored correctly.

And as we’re sure you all know, putting a silver spoon in a bottle of sparkling wine doesn’t actually keep the fizz in the bottle! The old adage was that the metal from the spoon helps to cool the air inside the bottle, which makes the air more dense and prevents the bubbles form escaping.

One way to secure the flavour in your wine is with an Avina bottle stopper. This easy to use locking cap keeps open bottles of chilled white and rosé as well as leftover red wine for longer. It’s also spill proof, so you can even use it when lying open bottles down in the fridge.


Top tips from Laithwaites on caring for your wine:

  • Seal the deal – wine will last longer than you think if it is stored and sealed correctly. Keep sparkling, rosé and white wines in the fridge, sealed with an airtight stopper and they will last up to five days. Pop a stopper in red wine and it too will last from three to five days
  • Trade up – spend a little bit more on a decent bottle of wine as it will be of a higher quality and will last longer, for example a Burgundy wine
  • Sweeten up – consider a fortified wine as these wines are meant to last. Sherry, port and madeiras will keep for weeks with the cap on or sealed with a stopper
  • Straighten up – store your bottle upright if possible
  • One at a time – if you are hosting a party, try to finish one bottle off before you open the next and keep your eye on which wines guests are enjoying to avoid opening wines that might not be so popular, leaving you with several half bottles of wine to store.

So now, you never have to throw away good wine again.

Source – Decanter, April 2017

About the author: Francesca is a PR consultant and lover of all things pink and sparkly! Connect with Francesca on twitter here.

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